Heading off road in Queensland? Want to get off the bitumen and onto the beaches? Want to engage that second diff and make the most of that 4WD option you paid extra for?  Queensland has plenty of options that include every type of terrain from pristine beaches to bush tracks through the trees. You can take your own ride or hire a car to explore the natural beauty of the Queensland.  Four must see destinations that will require a 4WD to truly experience are Moreton Island, K’gari (Fraser Island), Byfield National Park (Yeppoon), and Cape York. Moreton Island (Mulgumpin) As the third largest sand island in the world; sporting Mount Tempest, the tallest sand dune in the world at 285m; and without any paved roads, Moreton Island is sure to satisfy your need to engage all four wheels as you drive.   Must see sandy hot spots include the Big and Little Sandhills, the Eastern Beach and the Desert.  The Desert provides a 4WD challenge no matter how many times you have been to the island as the winds constantly move the sands and change the shape of the dunes.  After you get hot and dirty on the dunes you can drive through Middle Road to one of the many swimming holes including the Blue Lagoon, the Champagne Pools, Mirapool Lagoon, and Dolphin Lake for a quick dip to cool off. K’gari (Fraser Island) Heading North the next hot spot on the list is K’gari east of Hervey Bay. With 120kms of sandy beaches on the Eastern shore alone, more than 40 gigantic sand blows and at least 100 freshwater lakes, K’gari is a four 4WD lover’s playground.  If you are heading along the beaches make sure you check the tide times and try to avoid the water’s edge two hours either side of the high tide.  Prepare to be Tik Tok famous if you tackle the Ngkala Rocks overpass to get to the Sandy Cape as it is notorious for being a challenge for experienced four wheel drivers. Byfield National Park (Yeppoon) Cruising North from the Fraser Coast into Central Queensland and Rockhampton, you could be forgiven for thinking the terrain was getting hot and dry without reprieve.  Head East of Rockhampton and you will be embraced by the lush green Byfield National Park near Yeppoon.  As you enter the National Park you will take your recent sand driving experience from the islands and put it to good use to climb over Big Sandy.  Past Big Sandy is the Stockyard Point Lookout from which you can see Five Rocks and Nine Mile Beach.  From here you can drive along the beach or tackle tracks with welcoming names like the Death Valley Track.  With plenty of beaches and shady freshwater swimming holes, you will be able to cool off and camp in style. Cape York  Queensland is the gift that keeps on giving particularly if you love four wheel driving.  Keep heading North and you will reach the holy grail of four wheel driving, Cape York.  It isn’t that the tracks to Cape York are harder to do than the tracks you find in Byfield National Park or on the islands, but they are a lot more remote so you need to be prepared.  The Cape York tracks are legendary and if you have ever dreamt of taking your 4WD to the limit there is no doubt you would have heard of the Creb Track, the Frenchman’s Track, the Old Telegraph Track, the Cape Melville Track, and the Bloomfield Track.  Apart from 4WD only tracks you will also get a little wet with creek crossings like the Gunshot and Palm Creek.  The red dust and the corrugated roads will all be worth it when you take your photo standing at the tip. If you never leave the bitumen in Queensland you won’t experience the true beauty of all that our State has to offer.  Going off road in your 4WD can be a day trip of fun out of Brisbane or the adventure of a lifetime to the very top of the State.  Either way you, your family and your friends can safely make memories to last a lifetime.  So where are you planning your next drive in Queensland?